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Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records.

Who is transitioning to EMR?  Everyone in the medical field!  By 2012, every hospital in the U.S. is required to be compliant and by 2015 every other practice is required to be compliant. It is where medicine and patient care are headed. By now you probably know the reasons...potential cost savings in file storage, faster chart retrieval resulting in better patient care, accessibility by staff on call at home, patient charting, efficient scheduling integrated with clinical components, and regional interoperability between clinics.


Do you recognize the benefits of EMR but find yourself concerned about the hurdles that are in your way, such as a large initial investment, expensive licensing fees, large ongoing IT costs, a big learning curve in training, and the challenges of managing a larger IT staff when maybe you are not an IT person yourself?

These are the areas of anxiety that Vigilant’s strategy empowers you to overcome.  We offer a suite of EMR and medical management tools that are hosted on enterprise class secure servers. With regular backups and local granular recovery options available, our redundancy component is first class.  Our hosted EMR solution is scalable to meet the needs of small practices up to large practices and hospitals.
The bottom line is that we are infrastructure experts, teamed up with EMR Software experts who have packaged a comprehensive solution into a monthly license, and integrated a marketing campaign to allow you to leverage your new technology to quickly recoup investment costs and invigorate your practice.  We even have relationships with companies that manufacture scanning equipment for producing paperless imaging, excellent computing hardware relationships, and medical equipment manufacturers.  All of which allow us to roll out a seamless EMR solution to your facility in a timely manner.

A list of some applications we can host:

Medical Office Accounting Customer Management Commerce Solutions CollaborationLytec.

Next Quickbooks Act
Gen CRM Small Business Accounting
Peachtree Active CRM SAP
Office Mate Goldmine Others ERP
Exchange Ecommerce Sharepoint
Custom Outlook Point of Sales systems (POS)
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Vigilant Technologies is a certified 8(a), Veteran Owned company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. We provide products, services and enterprise-wide integration of innovative IT solutions to commercial, Federal, State and Local government clients. Our Leading edge services include Private/Hybrid Cloud, Server Consolidation, Virtualization implementation, and Infrastructure Management.
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